EMV™ in the United States

The First Data EMV Resource Center provides up-to-date information for industry stakeholders including issuers, merchants and consumers on the status of EMV adoption in the U.S. Through a variety of educational resources you'll learn about EMV technology, timelines and decisions as well as their implications for your business. As your global EMV partner, First Data invites you to ask questions and gain a better understanding of the impact this technology-changing opportunity can offer your business.

EMV 101

Get a head-start with EMV migration with tutorials and implementation guidance that take advantage of global best practices.

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EMV for Merchants

Learn from industry experts about the impact that EMV will have on the point-of-sale environment and how you can prepare now.

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EMV for Issuers

Get EMV information specific to the questions a financial institution might have about issuing chip cards and find out how First Data can assist.

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EMV for Independent Software Vendors (ISV)

Find out about the Rapid Connect solution that offers a single point of integration to First Data, providing powerful access to all payment types, all industries and all platforms — including EMV.

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