Merchant Acquiring

Through our alliances and partnerships, First Data offers some of the most flexible payment acceptance options in the industry, offering merchants around the world the ability to accept electronic payments safely and securely. We have relationships with major credit card and debit card companies, including Visa®, MasterCard® and American Express®. We offer competitive rates, transaction security, flexible billing and timely, accurate reporting options.

In this suite

Credit Processing

Fast, easy, secure credit card processing services

First Data has been a leader in electronic payment capabilities for over 30 years. We safely and accurately process more than 23 billion transactions a year. Our processing services enable you to quickly and easily accept credit cards from  major debit and credit card companies at the point-of-sale.

First Data Advantages

Improve your cash flow and increase sales with higher average tickets associated with credit cards. We can enable you to receive automatic, electronic deposits to your account, complete secure data transactions and utilise our fraud protection solutions – all of which can help to make your credit card transactions easier and more secure.

Key Components

  • Industry-leading service availability 
  • Rapid transaction approvals
  • Flexible options to best meet your specific product and pricing needs
  • Automatic, electronic deposits to your merchant account for all payment types
  • Risk management programs to minimize your exposure to fraud losses
  • Online reporting to manage your transactions

Debit Processing

Offer your customers a choice with PIN and signature debit options at the point-of-sale.

Debit cards are one of the fastest growing payment methods today. First Data offers processing with signature- or PIN-secured debit cards so customers can access cash, buy goods, pay bills or use electronic government benefits.

First Data Advantages

Provide your customers a quick and secure way to pay and get the ability to offer cash back with a purchase. For the customer, this means saving time with fewer trips to the ATM. We have a wide range of debit acceptance point-of-sale equipment options. 

Key Components

  • Industry-leading service availability 
  • Rapid transaction approvals
  • Flexible product and pricing options to best meet your specific needs
  • Automatic, electronic deposits to your business account for all payment types

Multicurrency Processing & DCC

Processing capabilities for multiple currencies.

First Data enables you to perform authorisations and settle transactions in the most popular currencies from around the world. You could also earn additional revenue from foreign cardholders through Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) that lets foreign customers know exactly what they’re paying in their local currency.

First Data Advantages

First Data enables you to do business in multiple currencies and create a new source of revenue from foreign cardholders visiting your stores.

Key Components

  • Up to 36 of the world’s most accepted currencies supported
  • Optimise association fees for international credit card acceptance
  • Regularly updated currency rates, reducing risk associated with unfavourable exchange rates
  • Features that set your business apart from your competitors
  • Attractive value-added services for customers to better meet their needs and expectations
  • Extensive management information system reporting

Secure Transport

A secure, reliable and cost-effective method for merchants to achieve fast authorisation and settlement times by transmitting electronic transactions over the Internet.

Patented routing and encryption technology enables merchants to leverage the strengths of the Internet to securely and reliably transmit transactions while keeping their costs down. The Secure Transport Solution is ideal for real-time transactions such as credit, debit, gift, loyalty, cheque or ATM.

First Data Advantages

The Secure Transport Solution can create cost savings, including consolidation of dial lines to existing processors and reduced network management time and expense. The Secure Transport Solution delivers consistent performance, over virtually any Internet connection.

Key Components

  • Registered under Visa® CISP, AIS Europe and MasterCard® SDP as a compliant tier-1 third-party service provider
  • Works over all common connections including broadband/DSL, satellite or wireless technology
  • Secure Transport Software is integrated by point-of-sale vendors

Merchant Reporting

Secure, world-class reporting capability for round-the-clock access to the critical data you need to manage your business effectively.

Our powerful search functionality lets you query transactions 24/7 through any Internet-linked web browser from multiple store locations.  Data from real-time authorisations gives you the ability to manage your business more closely.

First Data Advantages

Deal with customer queries quickly through rapid access to order ID, transaction references and more, qualify the legitimacy of retrieval or chargeback requests or easily investigate why transactions may be downgraded based on informative interchange reports.

Key Components

  • Query data based on a wide range of criteria and combinations.
  • Grant access at varying levels within your business
  • Check and review acquirer charges and fees/interchange

Security & Compliance

Processes for protecting cardholder security

We continually invest in tools and technology to protect the data of both our clients and their customers. We assist you in becoming industry compliant by providing education and tools to minimize fraud and avoid penalties.

First Data Advantages

Every global First Data business unit that deals with cardholder information is independently assessed for compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard. Security scans are carried out quarterly, and full examinations are done annually. Fraud Risk Identification Services help identify potential fraudulent transactions.

Key Components

  • Industry compliance standards include: PCI (Payment Card Industry) DSS (Data Security Standard), CISP (Cardholder Information Security Program), SDP (Site Data Protection & AIS (Accountholder Information Security) and applicable industry encryption standards for the transmission of data
  • Work with third parties to provide the tools necessary to assist merchants in becoming compliant
Products and services are subject to change without notice and may not be available in all regions. Restrictions may apply to certain services.