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Perspective: New PCI Rapid Comply Solution Helps Merchants Achieve and Maintain PCI Compliance

Data security is always top of mind for both merchants and customers, especially with the recent data breaches in the headlines.  Securing customer data can seem like an overwhelming task for smaller merchants that already juggle so many responsibilities; however, staying PCI compliant doesn’t have to be time consuming or difficult with the right tools.

First Data has many tools that help merchants protect data and prevent fraud and breaches. We recently added another tool aimed at simplifying PCI compliance for merchants: First Data PCI Rapid Comply.

What is PCI Rapid Comply?

The PCI Rapid Comply solution is an easy-to-use online self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ) and vulnerability scanning tool that can help small to mid-sized merchants achieve and maintain PCI DSS compliance. By answering a few “pre-SAQ” questions, the PCI Rapid Comply solution can direct merchants to the SAQ version that is right for their business and help pre-populate questions merchants must answer. This process minimizes the number of questions merchants must answer by as much as 85 percent. PCI Rapid Comply can also automatically perform quarterly scans for those merchants that are required to pass scans. No reminders needed.

PCI Rapid Comply is just one of the many tools like encryption and tokenization that can be layered together to help merchants protect their customers and their business.

Tim Horton is vice president of merchant product management at First Data.