Always extra.
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First Data is excited to announce First Data Small Business Solutions. Each solution is designed for business owners like you to address a specific need. When combined, these solutions have the power to transform your business operations.

Give your business more.

Powerful combinations of business management hardware, software, and security for businesses ready to grow.


Take your business further.

Running a business can be complicated - from accepting payments and managing inventory to keeping track of your customers and more. Clover® simplifies your operations so you can focus on what matters most.

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Whether you operate a storefront or have a business on the move, you're going places. Go with Clover - a flexible business management system with stationary and mobile device options and a full suite of apps that help you go where you want to go.

Discover Clover® Mobile

With Clover® Mini, you can securely and easily take all types of payments, including EMV® and Apple Pay™, and download a variety of free and paid apps to help you run your business more smoothly.

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When it comes to payments, Clover makes the transaction process safe and easy. But the way we pay and get paid with credit and debit cards is about to change. EMV®, a new payment standard is here. And Clover is ready to help you take EMV chip card payments.

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Discover the possibilities.

What if you could uncover an entirely new side to your business? The InsighticsSM solution uses your transaction data to deliver surprising insights that will help your business reach its full potential.

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Reward your regulars.

What if your business could go wherever your customers go? With the PerkaTM solution you can easily market your business and connect with customers to build lasting, rewarding relationships.

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Don't risk everything.

Security threats are a reality for any business that accepts credit or debit card payments, and just one breach can be crippling. Reduce the risk with the TransArmor® Solution, a simple and complete way to protect your business and stay compliant with ever-changing payment card industry requirements.

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Expand your presence.

Growing your business means continually reaching new customers in new ways. With PayeezySM eCommerce Solution you get the simplest way to accept payments and grow sales online, helping you reach a whole new audience.

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