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    • April 2014
      SSL update for Datawire users. Please note this patch supports Versions 4.03 and later, if you’re running an earlier version please contact your relationship manager as you will also need to upgrade your ICVERIFY version.
      Starting Aug 26, 2014 Datawire will be making changes to their network to support enhanced security as per direction from the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). ICVERIFY users that communicate via Datawire will be impacted by this update and will need to obtain the ICVERIFY SSL Patch before then. Failure to do so will prevent users from being able to process.

    • Please download and install the file below to be able to support the upcoming change to the Datawire network.

      To install this file please follow the instructions in the zip file.
    • April 2014
      Jcard Monitoring Tool fix; This applies only to Master Substation configurations of ICVERIFY.
      The Jcard Monitoring tool (FDJcardMonitor.exe) will continually track the status of the Jcard Windows Service. If ever the Jcard Service gets stopped due to environmental or other issues, the tool will restart the Jcard Service automatically. The purpose of this tool is to start the Jcard Service if it is stopped by any means and will also log comments within a log file generated in the same folder in which the tool is kept.

    • Please download and install the file below to ensure that the Jcard does not stop and hence enabling the transactions to go through uninterrupted.

    To install these files, please do the following:

    1. Copy the FDJcardMonitor.exe onto the Master Station machine, within any desired location
    2. Two ways to run the tool:
      1. Run the .exe file from the folder.
      2. Setup the tool as a Windows Scheduled Task, to have the process run even after the active user logs out. This is recommended.

    • April 2012;
      4.2 Patch for Integrators, Nashville and First Data GiftCard users.
      (Update) The following patch will correct the following three issues discovered in the ICV 4.2 version of ICVERIFY.

    This DLL will correct three issues discovered in the ICV 4.2 version of IC VERIFY. The following issues have been resolved with this fix.

    1. When using XML mode for req/ans, the ANS file is returned with the following info with each ANS file. "<Reply><Transact<Reply>" The <Reply><Transact should not be in this field.
    2. When processing on First Data Nashville there is an issue when trying to perform a Void/Full reversal. The response returned was a false "Not Approved". This DLL will correct this issue.
    3. When processing with First Data Gift Card and attempting to perform a Balance Inquiry, the IC Verify software was not connecting with the host and generated an error "msg# 773".

    To install these files, please do the following:

    1. Settle all open batches.
    2. Gracefully shut down all instances of the ICVERIFY application like icsetup, icvmlt32 and icverify GUI. If you are running ICVERIFY Multi app as a Windows service then close that as well.
    3. Take back up of ICVDLL32.dll that you have in the ICVERIFY installation folder. By default for ICV v4.2.0, the installation folder is C:\ICVERIFY\ICWIN420.
    4. Copy the uploaded ICVDLL32.dll into the ICVERIFY installation folder.
    5. Restart ICVERIFY GUI or ICVMLT32 app to test the fix.

    • May 2011;
      Auto-Val-SetupFix; Version 4.1 all platforms.
      Please download and install the file below to correct the following issue found in the current version of 4.1: Resolves the issue where ICVERIFY is unable to connect with the auto-validation server when setting up the software for the first time.

    To install this file, please do the following:

    1. Close all instances of ICVERIFY such as ICVERIFY Setup, ICVERIFY GUI, ICVERIFY Multi application (If you are running ICVERIFY Multi app as a Windows service then close that as well).
    2. Go to the ICVERIFY installation folder and locate ICSETUP.EXE.
    3. Take a backup of ICSETUP.EXE to some safe place that you can retrieve it back if needed.
    4. Replace the ICSETUP.EXE with the updated downloaded ICSETUP.EXE.
    5. Run ICSETUP.EXE. If you are yet to retrieve the Validation code then you can retrieve it now or if you have downloaded ICSETUP.EXE for future purpose then run the wizard and save your setup and exit.

    If you have any questions about this file, installation of this file or the issue that it corrects, please contact our support desk for further assistance.
  • MessageWay

    As part of our support for ICVERIFY, merchants may be asked to send files to our support team in an effort to troubleshoot certain issues. To ensure a fast and secure transfer of these files, our support team utilizes the MessageWay file transfer solution for transferring files between our merchants and our partners in support and product development. If you have been instructed by a member of our support team to submit a file for investigation, please click here.