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  • How to Prevent Check Fraud

    We want to make sure consumers take precautionary steps to prevent check fraud. Always remember to protect your valuables. Never leave anything in your car that reveals your check account information, including bank deposit slips. Shred or lock up old identifications including cards and other identifiable information.

    • If you believe you are a victim of check fraud, please contact TeleCheck at 1-800-710-9898. In addition, be cautious when ordering, writing, mailing and reconciling your checks by following some basic rules:
    • Ordering Checks
    • Do not order checks from unknown web sites or from telemarketers phoning your home. Order checks from a reputable check printer.
    • When requesting new checks from your financial institution do not pre-print your social security number, identification number or phone number.
    • Writing Checks
    • Write checks in permanent blue ink that can not be easily washed or altered.
    • When writing the amount of the check, do not leave spaces or gaps that can be used to alter the amount of your check.
    • Mailing Checks
    • Prevent your checks from showing through envelopes by using security envelopes or folding a piece of paper around the check.
    • Thieves will open mail boxes and extract bills you send in around the first of the month. If you're mailing a check, hand it directly to your mail carrier or drop it off at a US postal box.
    • Reconciling and Safeguarding Checks
    • Reconcile your checking account statement promptly.
    • Report any discrepancies immediately.
    • Keep your checks in a safe place at home with limited access.
    • Shred left over deposit tickets after all the checks have been used.
    • Shred statements you want to dispose of.