Forgery or Identity Theft

You may FAX reporting forms to:
(402) 916-8180
TeleCheck Services, Inc.

To report forgery, counterfeiting or identity theft, please submit the following.

To begin the investigation, we must have your name, address, bank routing and account number, and a copy of your driver’s license or other state-issued identification. If the issue involves the opening of a bank account, we will need your social security number. Please include the name of the merchant or financial institution involved and the reference number located in the upper right hand portion of any collection notice you received or a specific description of the item(s) in dispute such as the check or transaction number, date, amount, and payee. In addition, please provide the specific reason for the dispute.

To ensure we have all relevant information about your dispute, we recommend you also submit one of the following:

  • TeleCheck’s Forgery/Identity Theft Affidavit form which can be downloaded from TeleCheck’s website at under the Forgery or Identity Theft menu;
  • copy of a filed police report;
  • completed FTC Identity Theft Report Affidavit available at; or
  • completed bank affidavit or declaration

You may submit this information to TeleCheck by:

(402) 916-8180
ATTN: Forgery Department
Houston, TX 77210-4514

TeleCheck Services, Inc.
ATTN: Forgery Department
P. O. Box 4451
Houston, TX 77210-4451

TeleCheck may take up to 30 days to conduct a reinvestigation from the date the dispute is received or 45 days if we receive additional information from you about the dispute during that 30 day period.