Dispute Information reported to TeleCheck

Reporting information to TeleCheck is easy and secure. Do you need to dispute information you believe to be inaccurate in TeleCheck’s reporting database? We will promptly assist to correct reporting inaccuracies.

Do you need to report a forged, counterfeit, lost or stolen check, or identity theft? To notify us of a potential inaccuracy, please complete the form below and submit it to:

TeleCheck Services Inc.
Attention: Resolutions Department
P. O. Box 4513
Houston, Texas 77210-4513
Fax: 402-916-8190

Please include any other information we may not have asked for but that you believe would be relevant or helpful to the investigation of the matter. TeleCheck will investigate the accuracy of the information. This process can take up to 30 days from the date we receive your dispute, or 45 days if we receive additional information from you during the investigation. After we’ve completed the investigation, we will mail a notice of the results of that reinvestigation to you.