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MPOS Solution

With POGO>, Accept payments on the go.

MPOS is your -one-stop mobile solution which helps you receive payments on the go.

For merchants who need a mobile solution to accept payments, our compact MPOS terminal paired with the ‘IMS Mobile’ payment app enable payment acceptance easily, securely and on the go.
The MPOS device is light-weight and portable and pairs with any existing Android phone through the ‘IMS Mobile’ payment app, enabling you to accept payments anytime, anywhere.

Key features

  • Accept card, cash or cheque payments using your mobile device or tablet easily & securely
  • Accepts all kinds of payments including chip cards (insert) and magnetic stripe cards (swipe)
  • Quick connection to your Android phone, tablet or PC through Bluetooth or USB
  • Long-lasting battery equipped with battery conservation and device wake-up on request
  • Easy to carry or to keep stationed at the counter
  • Wifi & GPRS enabled
  • Green initiative – digital charge-slip enablement means no paper waste
  • Accepts MasterCard, Visa, and RuPay cards

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