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Application Programming Interface (API)

Integrated payment solution for your business applications and processes

API integration allows you to control your business processes and gives your applications access to First Data Payment Gateway payment processing services and features, through a simple Web Service integration.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Maintain full control over your business and payments processes
  • Submit payment transactions automatically, without any user or customer interference
  • Simple and seamless integration, using established XML protocols, supported by a detailed integration guide outlining XML schemas and sample code.
  • Choose your technology platform or programming language, as our Web Service API is built on open standards

Key Features

  • Access special functionality such as deleting tokenised card records, modifying recurring payments and more
  • Comes with Virtual Terminal access so your staff can access online realtime reporting, administration and customisation capabilities
  • Stay secure with two factor authentication through SSL encryption and username/ password authorisation
  • Use in combination with Payment Gateway interface to capture payment details and process future transactions without customer involvement

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