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Data Vault & Recurring Payments

First Data Payment Gateway allows you to securely store and manage sensitive card data and set up recurring payments

Benefits at a Glance - Storage of sensitive card data

  • Potentially reduce or simplify PCI DSS compliance requirements as you no longer store sensitive data on your own systems
  • Our Gateway is PCI DSS level 1 compliant, which means you and your customers can be assured that their information is secure
  • Improve your customers’ experience as you will be able to offer ‘1-Click’ payment to speed up their payment process
  • Set up automatically recurring payments using payment details you have stored through Data Vault

Key Features Storage of sensitive card data

  • Nominate your own token number and our gateway will do all the work of matching up your token number with the card data we’ve stored.
  • You can store or update card data when performing a transaction, from an approved transaction or store payment information without performing a transaction
  • You can also manage stored card data by displaying the records (with truncated card numbers)

Benefits at a Glance - Recurring Payments

  • Easy to set up, and simple to use through the First Data Payment Gateway.
  • Improve your customer experience by offering them the choice of paying through credit card, rather than direct debits from bank accounts
  • Improve your cash flow by having regular, predictable payments set up in advance
  • You can set and forget recurring payment schedules so you no longer need to contact your customer each time a payment is due.

Key Features - Recurring Payments

  • Our Payment Gateway will automatically attempt an authorisation on the dates set out in each schedule
  • Flexible frequency and timing options for recurring payments, for example: daily payments, made every two weeks
  • Manage recurring payments by viewing, modifying, or cancelling the schedules
  • Automatically send email receipts to your customers and receive email notifications of payments, so you keep track of your recurring payments

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