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Transaction types

Types of card transactions that can be accepted using our Payment Gateway.

The information below is designed to help developers work with our Payment Gateway. This section details the types of transactions that can be performed using our Payment Gateway.

Types of transactions that can be accepted using our Payment Gateway:

Authorisation and capture (sale)

This type of transaction combines authorisation and capture, placing funds on hold at the time of the authorisation. This is the default transaction type for our Payment Gateway as it enables the merchant to immediately ship a customer's order. Approved transactions are given a status of 'capture/pending settlement' and settlement will occur after the next transaction cut off time is reached.

Authorisation only

This sets approved transaction to the status of 'authorise/pending capture' and places funds on hold. This transaction type may be required if the merchant does not immediately dispatch the goods to the customer or for products such as holiday bookings.

These transactions expire after 30 days. After that time, the merchant must obtain a new authorisation code. Prior authorisation and capture is used to complete authorisation only transactions. If a payment does expire, the payment status will change to 'expired' so the payment will need to be resubmitted.


Refunds/returns can be made on a settled transaction via a credit which must be applied on to the original card. The credit must be for the same transaction amount or less. If the transaction has not yet been settled, the merchant must void the transaction.


This enables the merchant to cancel an unsettled transaction. Once the transaction is settled, the merchant must issue a credit to the cardholder.

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