Frequently asked questions

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How quickly can I receive my terminal?

Once your application has been received it takes around 10 days to process. Once approved, your terminal will be delivered to you for installation. Applications that have been incorrectly completed may take longer to process.

How much does an POS terminal cost?

We have a range of pricing plans to best suit your requirements. Please speak to us for more details.

What are the benefits of the POS Plans?

With our POS Plans, you can select one of several plans that best suit your business and enjoy the freedom that comes with going cashless.

How quickly can I access the funds in my account?

ICICI Merchant Services will settle the previous day’s transactions the next day into your bank account. We also settle transaction on public holidays and weekends.

Why is my application subject to a credit review?

The ability to accept credit card payments is equivalent to giving you an unsecured line of credit; therefore all applications are subject to a review of business credit history.

Merchant support

What information do I need to provide when I call the helpdesk?

When you call our helpdesk, you may be asked a variety of questions so we can verify your identity. You will have to provide us with your merchant ID, terminal ID, business name and contact name.

These questions can be answered by looking at your terminal receipts, settlement dockets, bank statements or (RAM) online reporting application. Our friendly helpdesk staff will guide you through the process.

I have forgotten my RAM (Omnipay) password. How can I get it reset?

Kindly contact our Helpdesk on 1800 102 1671 or 1800 307 00000 for further assistance.

How can I enable/disable Amex cards on my terminal?

Please speak with your relationship manager or call our customer care centre on 1800 102 1671 or 1800 307 00000 to activate American Express card acceptance on your terminal.

I have forgotten my VPOS (Virtual Terminal) password, who shall I contact?

Kindly contact our Payment Gateway help desk on 1800 102 1673 for further assistance.

How can I view my processed transactions?

Processed transactions can be retrieved by logging in to your Remote Access Module (RAM).

For further information on retrieving your transactions, please follow your RAM user guide to help you with a step-by-step guided instruction.

Your terminal

My terminal is faulty, who shall I contact?

Kindly contact our terminal support team on 1800 102 1671 / 1800 307 00000 for further assistance.

My terminal is offline, how do I process payments?

Please call our customer care centre on 1800 102 1671 or 1800 307 00000.

I would like to order some decals/marketing materials to be displayed at my business. How can I obtain these?

Kindly contact our helpdesk on 1800 102 1671 / 1800 307 00000.

I would like to order some terminal paper rolls. Who shall I contact?

Kindly contact our helpdesk on 1800 102 1671 / 1800 307 00000.

Chargebacks and fraud

I have received a chargeback letter. What do I do next?

Kindly follow the instructions on the letter. If you have further queries regarding this letter please contact our helpdesk on 1800 102 1671 / 1800 307 00000 for further assistance. Please note: the following information will be required when contacting our helpdesk:

  • ARN/Our reference number (from letter)
  • Amount of Chargeback/Request
  • Card number (first 6 digits XXXX last 3 digits)
  • Date letter was sent and date of transaction

There are some suspicious transactions that have been processed through my internet payment facility. Who can I contact to verify this?

Kindly contact our helpdesk on 1800 102 1671 / 1800 307 00000 for further assistance.

How can I protect my business from fraudulent transactions and chargebacks?

There is an increased risk of fraud with accepting cards and this is more prevalent with Card Not Present transactions (transactions where the cardholder is not at your business with their card) as you can not verify that the person using the card is the owner of the card.

Unfortunately, chargebacks are part of accepting cards and they cannot be avoided completely but you can ensure that your card acceptance procedures minimise any risk to your business.

If you are ever suspicious of a transaction, you can perform some additional verification steps to help verify that the person giving you the card number is in the real cardholder. An authorisation only confirms that funds are available at the time of the transaction and that the card has not been reported lost or stolen. It does not guarantee that the person quoting the card number is the owner of the card or is entitled to use the card.

  • Obtain the full card details including the CVV.
  • Verify the delivery address on White Pages online.
  • Try contacting the telephone number provided to confirm the order.
  • Be mindful of unusual large orders especially if the order is to be shipped overseas.
  • Setup internal sale controls to limit the number or payments and value of transactions allowed each day/week by the same customer.
  • Be cautious of customers who wish to pay with multiple cards.
  • Always use your own courier if you are sending out items.
  • Always perform a refund to the same card in which the transaction was originally charged.

Disclaimer: The above information is being provided for guidance only and may not be upto date or accurate. Please exercise independent due diligence or consult experts for any specialized guidance in case of any claims or disputes. ICICI Merchant Services takes no liability or responsibility for the final outcome or decision in any chargeback or claim case

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