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Here are some tips and ideas to help you unlock your business' full potential.

6 tips to reduce chargebacks

Simply put, a chargeback is a transaction in reverse. Rather than putting money into your account, it takes money out. You have to pay a fee for every chargeback, plus, if you get too many, your processing account could be closed. Here are some steps that may help you to reduce the amount of chargebacks you receive.

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Five tips for avoiding credit card fraud

A fraudulent transaction can cost a business the sale as well as the stock or services exchanged. Here are five steps to help you avoid credit card fraud.

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PCI DSS: what is it and why it matters to you

Key to the success of any business is accepting payments for goods and services. That said, however you trade, whatever your business might be, every credit or debit card transaction you process involves sensitive cardholder information that has to be stored and transmitted securely.

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