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All present and future rights in and to trade secrets, patents, copyright, trademarks, service marks, know-how and other proprietary rights of any type arising at law, including rights in and to all applications and registrations relating to this website (including but not limited to all data contained on this website relating to you and your associated customer (“Data”), information, text, look and feel, material, graphics, software and advertisements) (the “Intellectual Property Rights”) shall, as between you and us, at all times be and remain the sole and exclusive property of ICICI Merchant Services. You assign upon creation all Intellectual Property Rights to us.

The ICICI Merchant Services trademark and logo are registered trademarks of ICICI Bank Limited and used under licence by ICICI Merchant Services Private Limited. The FIRST DATA name, logo and related trademarks and service marks are owned by First Data Corporation and are registered and used in the United States of America and many foreign countries. You agree not to display or use in any manner the ICICI Merchant Services or FIRST DATA names, trademarks or service marks and logos contained in this website without the express prior written consent of ICICI Merchant Services or First Data Corporation respectively.

You do not acquire any rights or licences in or to the Intellectual Property Rights, this website and materials contained within this website other than the limited right to use this website in accordance with the Terms of Use.

You agree to protect the Intellectual Property Rights of ICICI Merchant Services and all others having rights in this website during and after the term of this agreement and to comply with all reasonable written requests made by ICICI Merchant Services or its suppliers of content (including Data) (“Content”), equipment or otherwise to protect their and others’ contractual, statutory and common law rights in this website.

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