Increased Fraud Protection and Cardholder Usability

EMV Terminals

Making the move to EMV™ chip & PIN technology enables financial institutions to ensure international card acceptance for their cardholders and prepares issuers for growing merchant acceptance in the U.S. The EMV transition will include key decisions for issuers around:

  • Card interface (contact, contactless or dual)
  • Card authentication method
  • Transaction authorization method
  • Cardholder verification method
  • PIN management process

Chip Technology Benefits for Issuers

Increases security and fraud protection to reduce some types of fraud loss:

  • Prevents the use of counterfeit, lost and stolen cards
  • Reduces skimming at the point of sale
  • Decreases fraudulent transactions and charge-backs
  • Offers additional methods of cardholder verification

Improves customer convenience:

  • Provides seamless international card acceptance
  • Enables PIN transactions for both credit and debit cards, reducing the time it takes to sign for purchases
  • Supports contactless transactions which are approximately 53 percent faster than a traditional magnetic stripe card transactions

Drives innovation in emerging consumer technologies:

  • Chip–based applications can be embedded into a mobile wallet, enabling consumers to pay via their mobile devices
  • Chip technology works on the same contactless technology that also enables mobile payments at the POS

First Data EMV Solutions

By partnering with First Data, you gain the following early–adopter benefits:

  • "First-to-market" protection against the potential fraud shift to non–chip cards
  • "Top-of-wallet" consumer preference advantages by issuing cards now
  • Control your card issuance schedule – and costs
  • Simplify the card issuance process down to the few important chip decisions that are critical for your business utilizing our streamlined implementation guide
  • Meet the needs of cardholders who travel by providing international card acceptance
  • One-stop-shop for chip card personalization and production at our state-of-the-art facility
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