Perspective: VisionPLUS Flex Lowers the Total Cost of Ownership and Increases Speed to Market for Financial Institutions with a Growing International Footprint

I'm excited to announce that today we launched our VisionPLUS Flex solution, a comprehensive software product and extension of First Data’s VisionPLUS software payment solution.  It's available for financial institutions of all sizes that need a more flexible payment processing solution with a lower total cost of ownership and faster time to market.

In keeping with the open, scalable and secure attributes of Universal Commerce, VisionPLUS Flex is designed to support financial institutions in issuing and acquiring of credit, debit, prepaid, consumer and commercial cards for private label, American Express, JCB, MasterCard and Visa global brands, as well as consumer loans.

In addition, since we're committed to creating the industry standard in payment processing solutions and meeting our clients’ needs with investment in new technology and services, the VisionPLUS Flex solution provides the following features:

  • Three solution configurations for 2, 5 and 10 million account portfolios
  • Support of any language, any currency and any country
  • Appliance-ready preconfigured solutions with high availability and multi-tier security
  • Leveraging the latest mid-range server technology and SUSE Linux operating system
  • Performance tested and certified solutions
  • Choice of deployment in-house license and application managed service

Together, these features lower the total cost of ownership, increase the speed-to-market and enhance the ability for financial institutions to meet demands from the evolving payment landscape.

Lastly, I want to mention that First Data’s extensive payment expertise, and its global network of partners provides consistent and high quality levels of service, support and consultancy. It also complements our existing VisionPLUS product for mainframe servers now marketed as VisionPLUS Enterprise.

I look forward to sharing more news in the coming months on the VisionPLUS Flex solution.

Eva Hughes is vice president of global product management at First Data.

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