Cards and Payments: Seeing Past the Hi-Tech Hype

Today, customers are immersing themselves in the digital world and the information, convenience, mobility, and personalisation it provides. They’ve embraced online and mobile innovations to empower themselves and enrich their choices, whether they’re shopping for a car, looking for a dentist, or searching for a restaurant. And, when it comes to managing their money, they expect the same enhanced experience. They want their banking needs met with fast and seamless products and services that are always available, reliable and secure. In many ways, banks are balancing speed and security to provide just that, with mobile apps that offer constant, real-time access to balances, transfers, remote deposits, and even spending trend insight.

Consumers want to leverage the vast amount of available information to find the best deals on everything, including financial products and services. By 2020, not even six years away, the majority of consumers will be tech-savvy “digital natives,” who grew up online and on their smartphones. All these changes mean that, in order to remain competitive and profitable, card issuing banks need to harness technological advancements to create a compelling customer experience that can increase loyalty. And they need to do all that while improving their own operational performance.

From consumers and retailers, to the banks that issue payment cards and process the transactions, learn more about the implications for everyone in the marketplace by downloading and reading our exclusive white paper – Cards and Payments: Seeing Past the Hi-Tech Hype.