Easy Payment Solution for 3M’s Self-Service Kiosks

3M, a major supplier of self-service kiosks for libraries, wanted to add payment capability to its kiosks. It found that First Data Payment Software (formerly known as ICVERIFY) enabled the easy addition of payment capability at a reasonable, fixed licensing cost. Not only does First Data Payment Software offer flexible payment options, it also easily configures and deploys to accommodate the diverse customer payment needs of 3M.

3M is the largest provider of library systems and solutions in the world. As part of its offerings to library clients, it provides self-service kiosks to help libraries improve customer service and productivity.

For the most part, only check-out and check-in services were provided to customers through the kiosks. As use of the kiosks expanded, however, demand for self-service payment options did as well. Library customers wanted to pay fees and fines, and rent materials (such as DVDs) on their own.

To add payment capability to its kiosks, 3M turned to First Data Payment Software for three primary reasons:

1. The product allowed acceptance and processing of payments using Internet connections.

2. It was an automated solution that could work in a wide variety of payment situations and with multiple types of individualized merchant accounts.

3. Implementation and installation were flexible and simple, with fast and easy integration into both existing and new kiosks.

Through a partnership with First Data, 3M quickly met customer demands by acting as a value-added reseller (VAR), managing only the installation and integration of software for each kiosk. First Data created the software and individual codes for each library, provided technical support and managed the merchant processing technology behind the scenes.

In approximately 60 days, the first kiosk was updated to accept and process secure payments. Today, 3M has installed more than 200 library payment kiosks in the United States.