Redefining the Case for Effective ATM Management

Despite the emergence of internet banking and, increasingly, mobile banking, the global installed base of ATMs is expected to grow by 41 percent between 2007 and 2013*. For banks looking to get the most from their ATM networks, outsourcing can be a major advantage. Andrew Morse, Vice President of Self Service Solutions for First Data in EMEA, discusses.

ATMs are now playing a key role in banks’ interactions with their customers. They provide a wide range of services and enable the bank to communicate directly with users of the ATM units. Rather than being a necessary cost of doing business, ATMs can be viewed as a means of enhancing customer service and a potential source of revenue.

In the current economic environment, however, some banks have been reluctant to make the investment necessary to refresh their networks. In some instances, plans to refresh the network have been put on hold as banks feel the need to conserve capital. To justify a decision to refresh the ATM network, banks need a business case that includes the generation of new revenues and takes into account capital expenditure, the potential cost of operations, improvements to the quality of service provided and the costs/benefits of the introduction of innovative technology.

*Source: Retail Banking Research, Global ATM Market and Forecasts 2007-2013