Gift Card Marketing Guide: Best Practices

First Data gathered gift card marketing best practices from resources throughout our organization, including Marketing, Client Services, Product and others. These best practices reflect over a decade of experience advising our gift card clients on effective planning, implementation and growth of gift card programs. They are not meant to guarantee results, rather offer guidelines for managing your gift card program.

Since 1995, First Data has advised its gift card clients on the most effective ways to plan, implement and grow their gift card programs. While doing so, First Data built its knowledge of the gift card market and refined what are now known as “gift card marketing best practices.”

The information in this guide has been gathered by groups throughout First Data including Marketing, Client Services, Plastics, Product and others. Their varying perspectives and experiences with our clients have provided First Data with insights from which most, if not all, of our current clients can benefit.

As you review the Gift Card Marketing Guide: Best Practices, please keep in mind that best practices are guidelines and not rules for managing your gift card program and are in no way meant to be a guarantee of certain results. You may need to adapt a best practice to better align with your business, and First Data recommends that you test and refine significant changes to your program prior to rollout.