Our Predictive Analytics and Decision Management Solutions enable you to effectively utilise business intelligence information to improve business strategies across the customer life cycle. Optimise performance in marketing, risk and fraud management and collections.

First Data Advantages

First Data’s predictive analytics and decision management solutions enable you to utilise historical information to build predictive models and rules-based decision strategies to improve performance across the customer life cycle.

Key Components

  • Integrated platform including predictive modeling, segmentation (clustering) analysis and a rules engine for decision management
  • Ability to plan and simulate actions, strategies and campaigns
  • Enables deployment of predictive models and decisioning  to score customer accounts automatically for marketing, risk and collections without any additional coding
  • Intuitive user interface for ease of use and rapid time to deployment of models and strategies
  • Utilizes both structured and unstructured (text) data for enhanced predictive models
  • Templated analytics applications for behavioural scoring, usage stimulation and collections
  • Model effectiveness and performance tracking for continuous improvement