First Data Loyalty Solutions offer an advanced transaction processing system for credit, debit, private label, commercial and prepaid cards. The platform features flexible rules and programme management capabilities for all card products.

First Data Advantages

Our flexible loyalty processing platform can manage a variety of different reward programmes, including miles, cash-back, points and even hotel nights. Our loyalty expertise and continued programme of investment enables us to offer a feature-rich, highly configurable option that meets both simple or complex loyalty needs.

Key Components

  • Point calculation for many behaviour and transaction triggers
  • Multi-language and multi-currency functionality
  • Flexible reward options, including miles, cash-back, coupons and merchandise
  • Multiple loyalty programmes per card product, customer and client
  • Earning and redemption merchant partner programme support
  • Ability to apply awards to all or a specific customer segment
  • Programme financial management, including point funding rates and liability management
  • Multi-channel communications and fulfillment options
  • Loyalty programme performance reporting