Receive, consolidate, format and post transaction data at a designated frequency in line with your required processing calendar. And because it’s designed for domestic and international schemes, processing can occur in alignment with different bank time zones, bank holidays and varying volumes across countries.

Settlement data is instantly visible through the OmniPay Remote Access Module (RAM) and just one click lets you locate scheme reports or utilise a suite of reconciliation reporting tools. OmniPay predicts when settlement will occur, even before transactions are cleared. The platform also enables you to estimate interchange fees before settlement occurs and currently supports more than 3,500 different interchange rates worldwide.

OmniPay offers acquirers 4 level currency management and can support many BIN/ICA configuration options, offering clients a choice of transaction currency to settlement currency combinations.

Aggregator models are supported with master merchant entities processing all traffic using address data details that vary by transaction and OmniPay sends submitted address details out to the scheme, including the acquirer’s own internal merchant number.

Whatever business you are in, First Data can deliver the solution that works best for you.