RAM Dispute Management is offered either as a solution or a service driven by client needs.

Clients wishing to conduct their own services can use the RAM Dispute Management technology.  Alternatively, clients wishing to outsource dispute management can elect to have First Data perform this service on their behalf.

Key Benefits of the Solution

  • Web-based exception handling – eliminating the need to learn and maintain multiple applications and systems
  • Full chargeback-cycle management – from retrievals to arbitration – to enable faster resolution
  • Documentation management – eliminating the need to export data between applications
  • More rapid turnaround of chargebacks and reduced chargeback losses due to missed scheme deadlines
  • Faster decision making through easy access to data
  • A single, comprehensive view of merchant activity
  • Faster resolution times, fewer data-entry errors and reduced operational costs
  • A single, integrated chargeback tool for acquirers and merchants across all countries of operation
  • Customised page views branded by acquirer
  • Advanced monitoring and reporting capability
  • Flexible deadline management
  • Configurable case distribution for workload optimisation
  • Intuitive response management
  • Fully-configurable automatic and bulk actions
  • Multi-currency support
  • Protection from FX fluctuations

Dispute handling is one of the most costly elements in a card operation and OmniPay will help you to reduce the time to process a dispute and aid profitability.