Supported Business Profiles

In addition to card present POS processing, the OmniPay Authorisation Service also supports these transaction types and products:

  • Card Present POS
  • Card Present EMV
  • Card Not Present MOTO and eCommerce
  • Dynamic Currency Conversion
  • Purchase with Cashback
  • Gaming (OCT/PT)
  • Recurring and Instalment
  • Hotel Gratuity
  • Unattended Petrol
  • Payment Aggregator
  • Maestro Advanced Registration Programme

Merchants and Payment Service Providers have a number of options for authorisations connectivity and, with the telecommunications capabilities of our partner TNS, authorisations connectivity can be established through a variety of different protocols.

By having a back-up OmniPay authorisation host at the Production Data Centre, First Data has hardware and scheme connectivity resilience and can ensure non-disruptive maintenance or upgrades.  All designed to provide a 100% available authorisation service.