Step up your competitive edge – unlock the value in your card and loan portfolios.

First Data provides a single, consolidated processing platform for all of your payment cards, loans, prepaid, and commercial card products.

Benefits for Your Business

Reduce the cost of operating your business with VisionPLUS® license software or FirstVision outsourced processing deployment models that drive a step change reduction in cost per account, while providing a holistic view across all of your customers’ accounts.

Accelerating Your Time to Market

Extensive parameterisation and service-based architecture with API enabled and a fully integrated suite of solutions for managing credit, debit, loans and payments ensures quicker application development and integration, rapid roll-out of new products and services.

Enables Rapid Speed of Change / Speed to Market

VisionPLUS service oriented architecture with open APIs enables service consumption rather than change management.

Helping You Ride the Latest Wave of Innovation

Platform architecture built around technology simplification and leveraging open APIs, reducing the cost of change and meeting your need for ongoing innovation to differentiate your product set – now and forward into the future.

Keeping Your Solution Set Feature Relevant

Take advantage of mobile and digital self-service solutions that meet the expectations of the digital consumer, creating revenue generation opportunities by harnessing creative new solutions from around the world.


First Data’s global outsource account processing platform.

In today’s uncertain business environment, you’re balancing many challenges and complexities — the cost and risk of running and changing your platform, regulatory pressures, data protection and fraud. You need to be fully responsive to the demands of the digital consumer — and to your competition.

FirstVision™ is our outsourced processing solution that meets your challenges head-on and transforms your technology capability. Building on core VisionPLUS® software, FirstVision™ provides an end-to-end solution that delivers global processing economies of scale plus fully integrated adjacent services that span the issuing lifecycle.

FirstVision™ is a powerful processing solution — an integrated suite of payment and servicing solutions that drives your platform modernisation and competitive edge.

  • Helps Drive Efficiency and Reduces Cost – First Data™ global scale economies helps deliver in-year and ongoing cost reduction.
  • Reduces Complexity and Risk – FirstVision™ offers user friendly, web-based servicing tools; and provides you with full disaster management support through our top tier data centre.
  • Enables Rapid Speed of Change / Speed to Market – FirstVision™ service oriented architecture with open APIs enable service consumption rather than change management.
  • Helps You to Embrace Innovation – our broad range of fully integrated solutions enable digital payments and servicing without the need for heavy customization.