Merchant Agreement

The Merchant Agreement is a binding agreement which is comprised of the following documents:

Document Type Document Name Where can I find it?
Application Merchant Agreement Application Form Ask your business consultant.
Terms and Conditions 1. Download the Collection Statement
2. Download the General Terms
3. Download the RAM Terms of Use
4. Download the Your Payments Acceptance Guide
Available to download.
Annexures 1. Industry specific annexures
2. Multiple site form
3. Delayed funding form
4. Security Documents (if applicable)
Your business consultant, will provide you with these documents if required. Feel free to ask if you, think you need to complete one of these documents.
Supplementary documents Change forms – various regarding details provided during merchant application process

When you sign the Merchant Agreement Application Form, you:

  1. acknowledge having received, read and understood the Merchant Application Form; the Collection Statement; the General Terms; and the RAM Terms of Use (if applicable) and agree to be bound by same;
  2. agree to the use and disclosure of your personal information as set out in the Collection Statement and agree to be bound by the privacy obligations as detailed in the General Terms and the Collection Statement;
  3. warrant that the information provided in this the Merchant Agreement Application Form is correct and not misleading;
  4. warrant that you are duly authorised to agree to the debiting and crediting of payments to the account or accounts nominated in the Merchant Agreement Application Form; and warrant that any individual signatory is authorised to enter into this Merchant Agreement on behalf of the Merchant.

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