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Application Process

The ability to accept credit card payments is equivalent to giving you an unsecured line of credit; therefore all applications are subject to a review of business credit history

Once your application has been received, it takes about  three days to process. Please check your application carefully as incomplete or incorrect information will result in a delay in its processing.

Once approved, your terminal will be delivered to you for installation. Applications that have been incorrectly completed may take longer to process.

Fiserv automatically settles transactions daily at 21:00 (AEST/AEDT). If you request for an earlier settlement cutover time (allowed settlement cutover time is between 03:00 AEST/AEDT and 21:00 AEST/AEDT), an Automatic Settlement will occur at the nominated time.

Merchant Support

When you call our helpdesk, you may be asked a variety of questions so we can verify your identity. You will have to provide us with your merchant ID, terminal ID, business name and contact name. Additional questions may include specifics about:

  • Transaction values
  • Time of a specific transaction
  • Transaction type for a specific transaction
  • Settlement details
  • Funded amount into account

These questions can be answered by looking at your terminal receipts, settlement dockets, bank statements or (RAM) online reporting application. Our friendly helpdesk staff will guide you through the process.

If you currently do not have an Amex or Diners merchant number, please contact Amex (1300 363 614) or Diners (1300 360 060) to request for a new merchant number.

If you have an existing Amex or Diners number, please contact our helpdesk on 1800 243 444 to assist with linking your ID to your terminal.

Kindly contact our terminal support team on 1800 243 444 for further assistance.

If approved by Fiserv, your EFTPOS terminal can be configured for electronic fallback mode.

The EFTPOS terminal will enter electronic fallback mode if there is a problem transmitting the transaction to the card issuer. This could be due to a communications error or due to the issuer being unavailable. These transactions are known as electronic fallback (EFB) transactions.

All EFB transactions require signature confirmation and will be approved with a response code of “08 Approved with signature”.

Things to know:

  • XAC terminals must be left powered on and in the case of mobile devices, left on to charge
  • Offline transactions will be submitted automatically once the terminal is back online 
  • If you have a Move 5000 terminal, it is possible to force submission of transactions by selecting "ADMIN >> REPEATS" on the terminal

Please reference your terminal user manual located on our Forms & Guides page.

Processed transactions can be retrieved by logging in to the merchant portal; Remote Access Module (RAM).

A transaction listing can be searched by using the following requirements:

  • Card number
  • ARN
  • Transaction type
  • Acquirer BIN
  • Authorisation code (The authorisation code must be used in conjunction with the card number and/or ARN)
  • Date range

For further information on retrieving your transactions, please follow your RAM user guide to help you with a step-by-step guided instruction.

The online portal (Remote Access Module (RAM), will assist to look up and reconcile the Processed Batches against the paid settlement amount.

It is possible to download the Processed Transactions page into a CSV format by selecting the ‘download’ icon, which is located to the right of the search button.

The Processed Transactions page shows all processed transactions within the merchant group or only for a particular merchant ID but does not provide the terminal ID.

A settlement should only be performed once a day within the settlement windows available.

If multiple settlements performed within the day, the first settlement amount will be processed and paid the following day and any additional settlements performed will be bundled and paid the following day.

Settlement Windows for EFTPOS Terminals and e-commerce
POS - Anytime between 00:01 & 17:00 AEST/AEDT Fiserv will submit all transactions prior to 5pm for same day settlement
POS - Anytime between 00:01 & 21:00 AEST/AEDT Fiserv will submit all transactions prior to 9pm for next day settlement
e-Commerce – 00:01 & 18:00 AEST/AEDT Fiserv will submit all transactions prior to 6pm for same day settlement

There are 3 ways you can perform on a daily settlement. Select the most suitable option that best suits your business.

Type of Settlement Performing a daily settlement Considerations
Merchant Initiated Settlement
  • A settlement can be performed by a Merchant using the menu on the EFTPOS terminal
  • Once the settlement has been complete, the terminal will print out a Settlement Totals receipt
  • A settlement should only be performed once a day
  • Multiple settlements are strongly discouraged
  • Any settlements that occur after the first settlement will be bundled into the next day’s funding and may be difficult to balance payments
Terminal Initiated Settlement
  • You can request that the terminal is set up to automatically settle at a specific time of day that suits your business
  • This time is treated like an alarm and prompts the terminal to send the Settlement totals to the host
  • Ensure your terminal is set within the terminal settlement windows
  • Settlements cannot be scheduled between 21:00 and 00:00 AEST/ADST
Host Initiated Settlement
  • If a merchant or terminal has not initiated a settlement, automatic cut-over will be forced by the host prior on or about 17:00 AEST / AEDST
  • If a host settlement occurs while the device is powered off, the terminal will initiate a settlement as soon as it is logged back on

If a discrepancy is identified, do an initial check of what could be causing the settlement discrepancy between the amount on a receipt and the deposited amount into the nominated account.

Note: If none of the listed discrepancy causes have been identified as a possible reason or you have recently installed a new/additional terminal, please contact the helpdesk on 1800 243 444 to help further troubleshoot the settlement funding delays or discrepancies to your nominated account.

Possible causes for discrepancy
Performing a settlement multiple times
  • The terminal should only settle once per day, any transactions made after that first settlement will be funded the following day
  • Check that multiple settlements were not performed throughout the day
  • Settling early will potentially cause confusion and split funding entries to the actual trading day versus business day/ settlement date
Performing a settlement outside cut-off window
  • Check the settlement time on the receipt is within the settlement window and not performed outside of the settlement cut-off window
  • If a settlement has been requested to be settled at a set time every day, check that the settlement cut-off was not set outside the terminal cut-off window

Note: See settlement windows section for suitable settlement timeframes

Fees / Chargebacks collection
  • If there are no outstanding monthly Fees or chargeback collections that are unable to be deducted from the nominated account, this amount may be deducted for a daily settlement amount
  • Confirm if any refunds performed has reduced the amount deposited in the daily settlement account
Reversed Transactions
  • Confirm the printed transaction receipts are marked approved and none have declined for any reason causing a discrepancy to the settlement
Unprocessed (Rejected) Transactions
  • Confirm if a transaction performed has not reversed back into the cardholders account
Offline Transactions
  • Confirm that any offline transactions have been processed and confirm funding for the next 2 days for the remaining transactions to be paid in the settlement performed on following day
Paper Vouchers
  • Confirm if the processed batch transactions contain Paper Vouchers
  • If a paper voucher was processed, confirm that the amounts accounts for the difference
Transaction held for review due to Fraud detection system
  • A transaction amount could be held as a result of our Fraud detection system. These transactions are reviewed daily (business days) and funds are typically released within 1-2 days unless Credit and Risk team have any questions about the transaction(s)
  • Then, they will make contact for further clarification on the transactions before releasing the funds
Forgotten Passwords

Kindly contact our helpdesk on 1800 243 444 for further assistance. When you call our helpdesk, you may be asked a variety of questions so we can verify your identity. Please be ready to provide us with:

  • Merchant Number
  • Trading Name
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Number
  • Email Address
  • Bank Account number we fund settlements to
  • Last amount paid to your account 
  • Confirm a settlement amount from a specific date

Kindly contact our Helpdesk on 1800 243 444 for further assistance. When you call our helpdesk, you may be asked a variety of questions so we can verify your identity. Please be ready to provide us with:

  • Merchant Number
  • Trading Name
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Number
  • Email Address
  • Bank Account number we fund settlements to
  • Last amount paid to your account by Fiserv
  • Confirm a settlement amount from a specific date

Please note: RAM passwords are reset every 30 days for security reasons.

Chargebacks and Frauds

Kindly follow the instructions on the letter. If you have further queries regarding this letter, please contact our helpdesk on 1800 243 444 for further assistance. Please note: the following information will be required when contacting our helpdesk:

  • ARN/Our reference number (from letter)
  • Amount of Chargeback/Request
  • Card number (first 6 digits XXXX last 3 digits)
  • Date letter was sent and date of transaction

There is an increased risk of fraud with accepting cards and this is more prevalent with Card Not Present transactions (transactions where the cardholder is not at your business with their card) as you can not verify that the person using the card is the owner of the card.

Unfortunately, chargebacks are part of accepting cards and they cannot be avoided completely but you can ensure that your card acceptance procedures minimise any risk to your business.

If you are ever suspicious of a transaction, you can perform some additional verification steps to help verify that the person giving you the card number is the real cardholder. An authorisation only confirms that funds are available at the time of the transaction and that the card has not been reported lost or stolen. It does not guarantee that the person quoting the card number is the owner of the card or is entitled to use the card.

  • Obtain the full card details including the CCV.
  • Verify the delivery address on White Pages online.
  • Try contacting the telephone number provided to confirm the order.
  • Be mindful of unusual large orders especially if the order is to be shipped overseas.
  • Set up internal sale controls to limit the number or payments and value of transactions allowed each day/week by the same customer.
  • Be cautious of customers who wish to pay with multiple cards.
  • Always use your own courier if you are sending out items.
  • Always perform a refund to the same card in which the transaction was originally charged.

If a sales opportunity is too good to be true, it potentially could be. For more information, please visit our Forms and Guides page. If you have any doubts, you can always contact our helpdesk on 1800 243 444 for further assistance.

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