Approved Merchant Acquirer for
AFTA Chargeback Scheme

Specially trained in travel

Our team is especially trained to understand the travel sector. This means we can work harder to deliver solutions that address the pressures and challenges faced by your business. From boutique travel outlets to major retailers, First Data enables businesses to accept a range of payment types - easily, securely and reliably.

More than 25 years payments experience in Australia

First Data is pleased to be appointed as an approved merchant acquirer for ACS.

Accept payments in-store, on the go, by phone, or online.

As one of the largest independent merchant acquirers in the world we have a long history of working with the travel industry around the world and staff specifically trained to understand the travel sector.

First Data provides your business with:

  • Tailored EFTPOS pricing plans to best meet your specific requirements.
  • Access to broad payments expertise, with more than 25 years of experience in Australia.
  • Reliable 99.99% scheduled switch up-time even during your busiest time.
  • Service and support when you need it via our 24/7 customer service specialists.
  • Additional services such as free online reporting and your logo displayed on the terminal and receipt.

Download a copy of the ACS Merchant Agreement.

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