Welcome to OpenCart

OpenCart is one of the world's most popular open source ecommerce platforms available. This powerful shopping cart platform enables you to have your very own website and sell your products to customers internationally quickly and easily. Available in a large range of languages, OpenCart supports multiple currencies and tax rates, making it suitable for businesses around the world.

As it is completely open source, OpenCart enables you run a successful ecommerce website without incurring the high costs which accompany most ecommerce platforms. OpenCart doesn't require any previous web development experience or knowledge to use, making it perfect for both ecommerce beginners and veterans. The user friendly interface makes it easy for you to update your products, view orders, alter your theme and more.

The brand new OpenCart 2.0 includes a host of new features, such as the new responsive default template and extensive statistics available at your fingertips. With OpenCart, you can now quickly and easily install modules and extensions straight from your store's admin area - letting you, the store owner, have more control over your ecommerce store. With over 13,000 modules and extensions available to download on the OpenCart Extension store, it's easy to make OpenCart perfect for your business.

We have integrated multiple security features into OpenCart, including IP Blacklisting, Session Control and Maxmind Fraud Detection, to ensure that you and your customers are always safe and secure online. Our admin section has all of the necessary tools needed for you to fully search engine optimise your ecommerce store, such as: meta keywords, meta descriptions, image descriptions and SEO urls.

Head to our demonstration page to view a demo of the most recent version of OpenCart. To find out more about OpenCart and its amazing features, please visit our website.