First Data helps you detect fraud using the market’s leading system for transaction monitoring.

First Data Advantages

First Data is an industry leader with the experience to stay ahead of industry trends and help limit losses from fraudulent transactions. Covering technology services, consultancy and strategic sourcing, the First Data product portfolio allows for the flexibility and choice to provide a distinct advantage in fighting fraud.

Key Components

  • 24/7 alert delivery on a near real time basis
  • Detect fraudulent transactions early and prevent further exposure once a potentially fraudulent transaction has been identified
  • Access to a First Data managed, dynamic rule strategy based upon industry trends
  • Custom rule changes available based on individual client requirements
  • Statistical reporting and near real-time transaction monitoring
  • Value Add services include:
    • Merchant Blocking--Proactively block suspected fraudulent transactions from a specific, identified merchant           
    • Fraud Analytics--Access experienced fraud analytical specialists, who will capture, review and analyse your fraud data as well as industry trends

Fraud & Risk Management