Clover delivers small business solutions in an all-in-one POS system

As the COVID-19 crisis continues, it takes a significant toll on our economy, and small businesses are particularly at risk. The more nimble and adaptable a business is, however, the more likely it is to weather this storm. We want to provide you some options to help; whether it be a clearer view of reporting to gage sales numbers or ramping up your online and delivery orders to help counteract the impact of significantly reduced foot traffic. You may not know it, but Clover® merchants have a number of resources available through their devices and the Clover App Market to accept and fulfill online orders without having to create a complete e-commerce platform or easily integrate sales data with accounting apps like QuickBooks and Xero to make accounting a breeze.

Running a business takes hard work, and Clover wants to make it as seamless as possible with small business solutions that can help ease operations during these continued unprecedented times.

Maintain physical distancing with Virtual Terminal

No doubt that these are unprecedented and disruptive times for your business. One way to still be able to serve your customers while you maintain social distance and minimize physical contact with others is to use tools like Clover Virtual Terminal that enable you to take payments from anywhere.

Clover Virtual Terminal is available at no cost to every Clover merchant in Canada. There is no additional monthly fee to use it. Transactions are charged at card-not-present or keyed-in rates.

To access Clover Virtual Terminal, log in to your Clover Web Dashboard from a smartphone, tablet, or computer, and select “Virtual Terminal” from the left navigation menu. Clover Virtual Terminal gives you the ability to take credit card or debit card payments over the phone, make refunds, and even send receipts without your Clover device.

Clover Virtual Terminal is safe and secure, and it helps your business stay flexible, adapting to the ever-changing needs of the current situation. Set it up in your Clover Web Dashboard and you’ll be able to take payments anywhere, anytime, securely, with Clover.

Reach more customers with Online Ordering

Depending on the type of business you run, there are a variety of models you may already be adopting to keep things moving along: online ordering and an increased need for contactless payments and delivery.

For retail establishments, almost all provinces had ruled that non-essential services must close their doors to foot traffic for months. As everyone begins to reopen fully, local delivery continues to be key to allow you to continue to serve your community and keep your business in their top-of-mind. For example, if you have a crafts store, your customers will always be hungry for yarn, paints, and other materials to get creative at home.

Food service has its own challenges. Since in-restaurant dining is just starting to resume with reduced seating, take-out and delivery service are essential. Many restaurants have streamlined their menus to allow for easier preparation and inventory management with smaller workforces. Even though the challenges are real and immediate, take comfort in the fact that people will always need to eat. Breakfast and lunch traffic may be still significantly reduced, so if your restaurant usually serves all day, it may make sense to focus your efforts on dinner.

Clover Online Ordering and Ecwid® give you an easy way to embrace social distancing, take advantage of the benefits of online ordering for pickup and dine-in, keep your staff and guests safe, and boost sales during these complicated times.

Getting started with Clover Online Ordering is a straightforward setup process through the Clover Dashboard. You’ll automatically have an ordering web page set up for you and populated with your existing Clover menu1. Restaurants can have online orders fired directly to the kitchen. There is no charge to set up or use Clover Online Ordering, other than the usual card-not-present transaction fees associated with online orders.

Ecwid® is another great option for online selling. The store setup is simple, but includes advanced features to help you navigate issues of closure and distancing policies. The ideal business type for the Ecwid e-commerce platform includes small and mid-sized businesses, including small restaurants.

One of the first things you should do when signing up with Ecwid is download the Sell Online app in the Clover App Market. This app automatically syncs your products, inventory, and orders from your Clover platform to your new Ecwid-powered store. You can add your new store to your current website, or build a new site with one of the many design templates at your disposal within Ecwid.

Once your store is active, Ecwid makes it easy to sell on other platforms: Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, and more. You can schedule curbside pickups or offer a variety of shipping options, and it’s easy to offer discount coupons when you need to spark more traffic. You can even sell gift cards for future use. To learn more, visit

Discover hidden money from your inventory data

Available with the Register Lite software plan, the Inventory app manages your inventory of merchandise or menu items on your Clover device, on the Clover Web Dashboard, using a barcode scanner on your Clover.

Good inventory management is crucial to running a successful business. But some business owners often confess they’re too busy to dig deep into the numbers—and many don’t really understand what those numbers are telling them. From the family restaurant whose cost of goods was way too high to the beauty supply store where 20% of the inventory just sat on the shelves, never selling, and this is a lost opportunity. Clover can make it easy to find and understand the data on what’s working—and what isn’t.

Invoice customers easily

If you use invoice numbers for record-keeping, your Clover can prompt your employees to enter an invoice number whenever they handle a transaction in the Sale app, Phone Sale app, and Refund app on the Clover Mini and Flex all-in-one POS devices. You can also enter invoice numbers in the Virtual Terminal on the Web Dashboard.

The invoice number will appear in the Transactions app, on receipts, and in ClientLine settlement reports.

Log in to your Clover Web Dashboard and go to the Setup app > Payments > Invoice Number to enable prompting for invoice numbers.

The bottom line

“Business as usual” may no longer apply to many small merchants in this crisis, but you have options and support systems to help you protect your business and serve your community while supporting your staff. We’re spending our days working on more small business solutions to help you weather the storm.

Recurring operational problems can eat up a tremendous amount of time and effort and feel impossibly tough to solve. But solving many of these issues can take less time than you’d expect. Browse our app marketplace to see if we’ve got an app or solution that'll solve an issue for you.

Contact our Clover Specialists for a more detailed conversation about our all-in-one POS solutions and our app market.

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1You must be using the Register Lite software plan to take advantage of Clover Online Ordering. Standard Merchant Terms and Conditions apply. Learn more >