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Craving change so your business can leap ahead? Read four famous business innovation stories

Thinking like an entrepreneur means constantly asking yourself the question, “What can I do better?” Sometimes the answer isn’t clear—so we want to spark your imagination. These four famous stories of business innovation success will energize you to forge ahead. And all of them are possible when you have the perfect tool to help you execute your revolutionary idea: Clover® Flex, and its suite of apps designed for making big leaps forward. Clover® Flex is easy and affordable, rich with features to support your innovation—helping you save money and grow your business. Read on to be inspired.

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Delivering business success

McDonald’s—perhaps North America’s most iconic food chain—has embraced innovation to transform how it does business. One such change—delivered at lightning speed—has been its partnership with UberEats. Over the course of just two years, McDonald’s went from testing delivery at 200 American stores to a global offering: 12,000 locations in 60 markets. The benefits of delivery could be enormous, potentially boosting the chain’s coveted late-night orders—roughly 60% of orders come after 4 pm, with the average delivery order as much as double the size of the average in-store order.

What’s the lesson for your business? Innovation can help you sell in more places: finding new customers, growing your revenue. Maybe it’s delivery; maybe it’s setting up a stand at a big event. No matter where you are, Clover® Flex can make the sale. Redundant LTE means the device can connect anywhere, without WiFi or Ethernet connection, saving you costs on hardware and account fees.


Serving up a sweet customer experience

When millions of people around the world think of their morning cup of coffee, they think of Starbucks®. Part of the iconic company’s business success is their aggressive use of digital technology to transform the customer experience. Gone are the days of long lines waiting to order. Through its mobile ordering app, Starbucks® Card program, and other innovations, Starbucks® customers have new options for easy and simple customer service. And it’s working. Former Starbucks® Chief Digital Officer Adam Brotman reports that in 2017, 3 million mobile transactions occurred every week alongside 100,000 app downloads.

The customer experience makes or breaks a business. At the heart of that experience is technology. Clover® Flex is an engaging tool that’s a pleasure for customers to use. For instance: when customers ask you to email or text their receipt, Clover® Flex provides with the simple click of a button after the sale. Clover® Flex also captures customers' contact information (with their permission) for future marketing campaigns, all while saving you money on receipt printer rolls.


Building customer loyalty, one point at a time

Movie-loving readers know Cineplex® SCENE customer loyalty program. Theatre-goers wrack up points with their SCENE cards that eventually pay for free movies. Clearly Cineplex® has gotten their money’s worth with the program. Over the years, SCENE has hugely expanded to include other items and discounts with partner companies. Today more than nine million Canadians subscribe to the program. Late last year, Cineplex® announced that a new paid tier of SCENE—called SCENE Gold—would be introduced, offering fresh benefits to members like free upgrades to popcorn and drinks.

Retail store owners reading about SCENE might be licking their lips. Customer loyalty is a powerful thing, but it needs to be cultivated like the delicate garden it is. A gift-and-loyalty program doesn’t need to be complex, expensive, or difficult to implement. It’s as easy as having Clover® Flex. The device makes it easy to capture customer contact information with their consent, empowering you to connect with your loyal customers in new and creative ways. An easy and cost-efficient email marketing campaign is easy with the Clover® Flex.

Managing a great team with Clover® Flex

Modern employee management has become an innovative science, and the old way of doing things is going out the door. Big names in the corporate world are experimenting with new policies like unlimited vacation, remote and time-agnostic work, job sharing, and more.

As a small business owner, these big ideas are likely beyond your current means but that doesn’t mean employee management isn’t a top priority for your business. Clover® Flex features an app to help with employee time management as well as shift scheduling and time clocks. Clover® Flex will reduce the risk of missed shifts and stolen hours.

So, how will you answer the question, “what can I do better?” Will you seize the opportunity to take your business to the next level? Clover® Flex is the point-of-sale solution you need—a terminal that does so much more than just process payments. It can be the very thing you need to deliver game-changing innovation. Fill out the form below so we can tell you more.