Clover Flex

Opening your own shop? Here are nine problems you need to solve—and how Clover Flex solves all of them

Entrepreneurial superstar Guy Kawasaki wrote that “ideas are easy—implementation is hard.” If that doesn’t ring true to you, you’ve never started your own business. For the hustling new entrepreneur, taking the leap from inspiration to action can feel like jumping a mile-length canyon. Now that you’re in the air, you’re realizing how many things you need to figure out—from accepting every kind of payment, to managing employees, and so much more.

You’re not alone. Meet Britney. She’s opening her own flower shop, fulfilling the dream of a lifetime—just like you. And like you, she doesn’t know the full breadth of operational challenges she’s about to face. Worry not: we’re here to tell you. Here are nine problems you need to solve when opening your own shop, and one solution—Clover Flex, a point-of-sale system that does so much more than take payments.

1. Making the sale

Not every customer walking through your front door is carrying cash. We live in a time of payment options galore, and you need a solution that works at the point of sale no matter how the customer wants to pay. Britney knows that Clover Flex always gets the job done—it accepts magnetic stripe, EMV®, standard credit and debit cards, as well as contactless payments like Apple Pay®. She especially loves Clover Flex’s Phone Sale app, allowing her to take payments over the phone. It’s especially useful for one of her core customer segments: husbands ordering last-minute anniversary flowers!

2. Worry not with WiFi down

When customers are at the point of sale, the last thing you need is for WiFi to drop. You need a payment solution that works whether or not there’s an outage. With Clover Flex, redundant LTE connection kicks in when WiFi connection is lost—and our LTE is only a dollar-a-day to use. Plus it works on the go. For a florist like Britney, home delivery is essential—Clover Flex’s LTE connection allows her to make the sale at every door.

3. Track shifting shifts

Great employees are the key to your success—especially in retail. And you need to both manage and monitor their working hours while getting hard data about their sales success. Enter Clover Flex. Our Shifts app offers hourly shift information, while the device’s reporting includes how many sales employees are making. For Britney, it makes staff management so much easier—it’s a bird’s eye view of her top performers.

4. Measuring success

Year one as a business owner can be riven with anxiety. You’ll want to be tracking the money you’re making (or not making) day-by-day, and to do that, you require the best reporting you can get. Clover Flex has all the data you need about your finances, including live reporting. So even when Britney is out of the shop setting up agreements with new vendors, she can check on her phone to see how her business is doing.

5. Putting data to work

As a new business owner, you’ll quickly realize that you’re also a data owner. With the right tech you can turn that data to your advantage. Britney uses Clover Flex to see what days and hours of the week are busiest for her. She’ll know when to have extra inventory ready, including for holidays like Valentine’s Day when data shows she experiences big sales boosts.

6. Rewarding loyal customers

You love them and love to see them. You know them each by name. Loyal, repeat customers are the backbone of every retail business. And their value is more than the price of the products they purchase—loyal customers can be your advocates, spreading the word to family and friends. Britney keeps track of these customers using Clover Flex’s Customers app. She keeps tabs on their favourite orders and adds detailed notes like the dates of their birthdays—when she sends them special deals, all via the app.

7. Getting the word out

Marketing is key to getting customers in the door, but in the early stages you might not be able to afford a flashy Facebook ad campaign or a highway billboard. Worry not. Clover Flex allows customers to opt-in to marketing via payment receipts. With every sale, you’ll be building a database of emails and phone numbers to use for future campaigns.

8. Delivering great service

Whether it’s at the front door or your front desk, customers need to love how easy and accessible their point of sale experience is. That means no long delays for payment to process—a quick and simple buy, every time. Customers love Clover Flex. Britney gets compliments about how cool and simple the system is. It’s the future in the palm of your hand.

9. Finding time for yourself

We’ve saved the best for last. As a new entrepreneur, you’ll feel constant pressure to work constantly. Yes, it’s true, you’ve got to hustle. But you also need to find time to recharge. Your family and your future, healthy self will thank you. And this is one of the big reasons why Britney loves Clover Flex. It does a lot of the thinking for her, saving more time and energy for what matters most in this world: the people you love.

Nine problems every business owner faces, one fix that provides the answers. It’s Clover Flex. So what are you waiting for? Be like Britney. Get the tech that solves problems you didn’t even know you had. Get Clover Flex.