Meet three businesses transforming with Clover Flex—and how you can be one of them

What most fills you with pride and joy? The moments you spend care for most? Building something incredible?

Clover Flex answers all of the above!  Our device empowers Canada’s game-changers—entrepreneurs at the cutting-edge of cool. These small business owners are innovators who are each building something incredible. And whether “incredible” means an epically popular mobile dessert experience, the best gelato in town, or mouth-watering summer barbeque, we’re proud to play a part in helping their businesses be successful.

Today we’re highlighting just three of the awesome retailers who use Clover Flex to deliver for customers.

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Cheesecake On A Stick™

It’s not often a Canadian-made food trend takes the world by storm. That short list of Canadian treats gone global—butter tarts, poutine, and more—are now joined by a new Canadiana classic: Cheesecake On A Stick™. It’s the brainchild of Clover Flex-client Cheesecake by Heirloom, and you’ll find it wandering the 6ix in one of Toronto’s most delectable food trucks.

Cheesecake by Heirloom food truck

So what exactly is Cheesecake On A Stick™? (Stop reading if you don’t want dessert cravings.) Why tell you when we can show you? You dip a slice of cheesecake in chocolate, like this…

Cheesecake by Heirloom food truck

And then add toppings, like this…

Cheesecake slice covered in salted caramel, pistachio, and hazelnut

What more could you ask for in a delicious summer treat? The world agrees—with more than 50 million online views from viral videos. We couldn’t be prouder to count them as a Clover Flex user!

Food trucks are a great example of the power of Clover Flex features. Food trucks are always on the move, and need to make the sale whether they are on the beach, in a parking lot, or outside the big game. Clover Flex’s Virtual Terminal means you’ll get paid anytime, anywhere—all you need is your smartphone, tablet, and an internet connection. Internet drops suddenly? Worry not—Clover Flex has redundant LTE that kicks in so you can always complete the sale.

Want to join these thriving businesses with Clover Flex?

Coffee comforts at Hotel Gelato

Speaking of summer, what says “sunny day” more than a cup of gelato and an espresso on a sidewalk patio?

Torontonians can get their sugar and caffeine fix at Hotel Gelato on Eglinton West. It’s the kind of approachable, neighbourhood café spot that’s perfect for brunch with a few close friends or getting cozy with a good book and a cup of tea.

And unsurprisingly for a place called Hotel Gelato, their gelato is simply to die for.

Hotel Gelato cup with strawberry and mango gelato

Hotel Gelato uses Clover Flex to help deliver comfort and a peerless customer experience. Clover Flex is the perfect device for cafés like Hotel Gelato. It helps you manage every aspect of your business, from one device. The Clover App Market gives you tools to simplify business tasks like scheduling, bookkeeping and accounting. It can help you manage your employee schedule, which is a whirlwind of timing and juggling shifts—especially in cafés. And Clover Flex’s Dashboard makes monitoring day-to-day sales and printing reports easy so you’ll always have a bird’s eye view of when and how your business makes money, informing decision points like “when are my peak hours?” to better plan your staffing.

Clover Flex is like your morning coffee kick—it gives you extra energy by helping you better manage the pain points in your business!

A latte in a white mug with a leaf design in the foam

Want to join these thriving businesses with Clover Flex?

Barbeque for your buck

Let’s say you’re in the mood for something a bit more filling than gelato and coffee. You want meat, in all its glory, grilled fresh just the way you love it. You’ve got to check out Royal Meats Barbeque in Etobicoke, an open-concept restaurant like no other.

Plate of three sliders from Royal Meats Barbeque

It’s another Clover Flex client we’re so proud to support. Clover Flex is a great device for restaurants. You can use it to email or text your customers receipts, as Royal Meats Barbeque does…

Royal Meats Barbeque receipt on smartphone sent by Clover Flex

…but you can do way more than send customers receipts! You can use the device to collect contact info and gather data about your loyal patrons—information that can inform and drive your marketing work. It’s a simple way to start building a customer list you can use to grow your business.

These are just a few of the amazing businesses growing and thriving with Clover Flex—want to join them? Send us your info in the form below and we’ll tell you more about how Clover Flex can transform the way you operate—and take your success to a whole new level.