Three reasons why Clover Flex is the smartest payment solution on the market

“All a payment solution does is process payments. Really, all I need is a debit machine.”

Wrong. You deserve, and need, so much more from that little device you keep on your front counter. You need is Clover Flex. Why? It processes payments. And, it processes payments anywhere—just like how your smartphone can access the Internet or open emails anywhere. Plus, this smart terminal connects to apps that can change the way you do business. Here are three unique features you’ll get from Clover Flex.

Virtual Terminal

Clover Flex Virtual Terminal interface on laptop is missing

No point-of-sale? No problem. The Clover Flex Virtual Terminal makes it easy to get paid virtually anytime, anywhere. All it takes is a mobile device like a laptop, a smartphone or a tablet, and an Internet connection, and you’re good to go. No extra equipment or software is required. You can even send digital receipts and collect customer contact information (with the customer’s permission, of course), all from your Clover Flex. How’s that for the smartest payment solution on the market?

Employee Management

Garden center employees looking at tablet is missing

We get it—managing employees can be tough. Let Clover Flex alleviate the headache of employee management. You can use Clover Flex to set shifts and pull reports on individual employee sales performance. You can even control employee permissions using the device, so managers have access to important management tools but more junior staff do not.

Custom Configurations

Restaurant server printing receipt on Clover Flex is missing

Plain and simple: Clover Flex fits into your business. One way it does this is through custom configurations. Add your logo, your website, or even a custom message to your terminal receipt.

So what does all this mean? Put simply: Clover Flex is the smartest payment solution on the market. Its Virtual Terminal makes it easy to get paid anytime, anywhere. It helps you manage employees. It allows you to include your logo and your website on payment receipts. So, what are you waiting for? Fill out the form below and we’ll tell you more about this incredible game-changer. Don’t wait: grow your business with Clover Flex.

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