Before you begin, we recommend that you:

  1. Read Your Payment Acceptance Guide for the latest information about accepting cards.
  2. Read your Merchant Terms and Conditions for an outline of responsibilities, transactions, equipment, fees, charges, rules and regulations and much more.
  3. Balance (Settle) Your Terminal(s) Daily.

    Your terminal must be balanced/settled at the end of each business day to ensure your account remains in good standing. If your point-of-sale (POS) terminal or payment solution is not settled on a regular basis, transaction authorizations may expire and that puts your funds at risk.

  4. How to avoid Fraud and Chargebacks

    If you need authorization/draft capture assistance, call the Authorization Centre at 1-800-370-0466. Do not try to obtain an authorization from other authorization sources

    • If you receive a decline, ask for another method of payment. Do not split the transaction into smaller amounts.
    • Always issue a credit to the credit card account used for the ORIGINAL SALE.
    • Record the sixdigit authorization code on the imprinted receipt. Paper slips must be stored by you, the merchant. You are required to retain all printed and signed copies of receipts. When a cardholder requests a copy of the sales slip, you will be notified where to send the copy.

    To learn more, refer to the PDFs provided:

    Lodging Best Practices | General Best Practices

  5. How to Prevent Fraud

    If you ever suspect fraud of any kind, call the Authorization Centre at 1-800-370-0466 and do not accept the card if:

    • The card is unsigned or the signature on the receipt does not match the signature on the back of the card.
    • Hologram does not appear on the card or appears fake.
    • Transaction is occurring prior to the valid date or after the expiration date on the card.
    • Raised account number on the face of the card and the numbers displayed on the terminal do not match, even if an authorization is received.
  6. Contact Us

    For Technical Support, call 1-888-263-1938 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

    For all other support numbers, visit to our Contact page.

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