eCommerce Requirements for Merchant Websites

Each merchant website processing eCommerce transactions must include all of the items listed below on its website. If these are not provided, the Credit/Risk Team

  • Business Name – Prominently display your business name, as well as the name that will appear on the cardholder statement. The DBA name you indicated on your merchant application should be used.
  • Business Location and Contact – Clearly display your merchant location(s) and customer service information.
  • For Location: City, Province and Country (without street number and name) is acceptable for merchants primarily operating out of a residential address

    For Contact: A customer service email address or a phone number is required at a minimum

  • Products and/or Services – Display details about each product and service you offer.
  • Accepted Currencies – Display accepted currencies (CAD and/or USD) to match what is included in your merchant application.
  • Shipping/Delivery Timeframes – Provide delivery methods, estimated delivery times, and any related costs.
  • Refund Policy – Include a detailed return and refund policy that informs cardholders of their return or refund options before they purchase a product or service. Download the sample provided.
  • Privacy Policy – Include privacy policy/statement that clearly discloses what information is collected, how it is used, and with whom it is shared. Download the sample provided
  • Secure Site for Transmission – Ensure the website has a secure method of accepting payment (e.g. SSL, SQL) and discloses details to consumers.
  • Links within the Website – Ensure links to other sites are for products or services that are consistent with those listed in your merchant application.