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Clover Online Ordering1
Fast. Easy. Cost effective.

Online ordering is an essential part of doing business. Get set up fast with Clover Online Ordering so you can receive and process orders from wherever customers discover you: searches, apps, or your website.

If you are already a Clover merchant, visit the Clover Ordering Websites page to learn more.

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    We bring together a number of different online ordering services into your Clover POS.

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    We process your online orders with no extra fees.

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    We’ll automatically build your online ordering page.

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    You customers will find you online and your volume of orders will increase.

Online ordering, the way it should be

  • Simple set-up

    Share your menu and business hours in minutes. Add more items and simply check a box to have them added to your online menu.
  • End-to-end ordering management

    Online orders fire straight to your kitchen and Clover POS. Manage orders for delivery or curbside pickup on your device.
  • Our fees are second to none… literally

    Online Ordering is now included in our current Register Lite Plan2 and your transaction fees remain the same! There are no additional subscription or commission fees to use Clover Online Ordering. Card-not-present interchange rates will apply to online orders.
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Ready to get started?

Step 1. Pick your Clover POS system

Connect with sales to design the right Clover configuration that fits your business needs.

Step 2. Prepare your menu for online orders

While you wait for your device to arrive, create your menu on the Clover Dashboard with just a couple of clicks.

Step 3. Enable online ordering

Confirm your business and operational information, such as your address and service hours, are up to date.

Step 4. Let your customers know you’re open for business

You’re ready to tell the world! Promote your new online ordering page on all your communication channels: restaurant
signage, website, social media, and emails.

Step 5. Watch the online orders flow in

Receive—and fulfill—orders from customers both existing and new as they begin to find you online.

Clover can help your business. We’re ready when you are.

1 Terms & Conditions: Clover Online Ordering (COLO) in Canada requires a Clover Flex or Mini device and our
current Register Lite Plan. COLO is not available for use on the Payments Plus Plan. Additional terms & conditions
apply. All regular Merchant Terms & Conditions apply. Speak to one of our Clover Specialists to learn more.

2 Clover Online Ordering and enhanced features of the Register Lite Plan, including item modifiers, cost tracking, item
exchange, order types, item cost reporting, sales by order type reporting, menu management and order printer, are
only available for a limited time on the Register Lite Plan. Speak to one of our Clover Specialists to learn more.

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