iCT250 Retail and Quick Service
Semi-Integrated Counter Top Solution

Maximize your business’ productivity.

Our countertop payment solution uses the semi-integrated payment application (SIPA) to provide you with the ability to integrate with your Point of Sale (POS)/ECR. SIPA protects against fraud and speeds up the payment process for both customers and clerks. Your customers can confidently pay knowing their card payment data is protected.

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Do you already use a POS system and software? We can easily integrate your existing system with one First Data’s retail POS | ECR solutions. Some of our certified partners are listed below. Call us at 1-888-925-9163 or email us to learn more.


POS Systems Supported

Benefits for Business

  • Reduce chargebacks and fraudulent transactions by accepting chip and PIN payments.
  • Reduce identity theft as the customer’s card never leaves their possession.
  • Provides password protection for sensitive transactions, allowing only designated staff access.
  • Protect customers’ payment information by masking card information on transaction receipts. Card masking and data truncation on receipts also reduces your PCI scope.
  • Maximizes payment security by masking sensitive card holder data before it is sent to your POS/ECR. Your customers want a hassle-free shopping experience. While it may not be top-of-mind when they’re browsing your store, our solution guarantees that their payment card data is always protected.

Integrated Solution Benefits

Our semi-integrated counter top solution can easily integrate to one of First Data’s certified retail POS /ECR solutions.

  • Easily integrate to your POS/ECR solution
  • Simplify reconciliation
  • Make it easier for customers to leave a tip.
  • Improve your customer’s shopping experience with a faster checkout and more efficient service.

Protect your guests and improve service by integrating our easy-to-use iCT250 terminal with your current or a new POS/ECR.