A touch screen with intuitive buttons allows your customers to interact directly with the VX 680 without handing over their credit cards. The color screen can also display engaging graphics, logos or promotional messages for added customer engagement.

Specifically tailored to the needs of merchants on the move, this full-function, portable payment device is power packed with performance. Businesses from delivery services and stadium vendors to restaurants will benefit from wireless connection options, lightning-fast processing speeds and the reliability and security of the proven VX platform.

Benefits for Business

  • Accept virtually all contactless, chip and magnetic stripe payment options
  • Control costs with a combination terminal and printer
  • Transaction set includes sale, refund and correction (void)
  • Pre-authorization and completion for credit cards
  • Fast transaction throughput using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi wireless methods using your current internet connection
  • Robust tip functionality
  • Tamper resistant construction, secure SSL protocols, Verishield file authentication and PCI PTS 3.X approval all combine to provide unmatched security
  • Drop resistant to 1 meter on concrete floors to minimize breakage and downtime
  • Meets security standards, including PCI PED v3


Key Components

  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
  • Large, crystal-clear 3.5” touch display is extremely easy to use by both merchants and customers
  • High capacity 7.2v 1800mA lithium-ion battery
  • Password-protection option—restricts access to configuration, transactions and reporting functions
  • PCI PTS V3.X approved for secure transactions
  • Integrated thermal printer with graphic capability prints 18 lines per second for quick receipts
  • Large blue backlit keypad is exceptionally user-friendly