Quickly Test and Deliver Payment-Rich Applications.

With our Rapid Connect solution, you can easily integrate a wide variety of payments services into any partner or merchant application. This comprehensive development resource portal offers developers a feature-rich online test environment with readily-available support and immediate access to innovative payment technologies.
Rapid Connect offers developers and merchants a streamlined way to create, test, certify and deliver payment-rich applications anytime and anywhere – all through a single interface.

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Benefits for Business

Expedite development of applications that leverage First Data’s global payment reach

Using the Rapid Connect comprehensive development resource portal, you can quickly and easily integrate a wide variety of payments services into any partner or merchant application in the US and Canada.

Integrate a wide range of products through a single interface

Get instant access to our universal message format that is tailored to industry-specific requirements. It’s fast. It’s simple.  It’s intuitive.

Simplified testing

Once coding is complete, you can test “on the fly” and on your own timeline using the Sandbox, a powerful test environment offering automated diagnostic tools. You can conduct a variety of test transactions and instantly view and analyze log files for faster fixes.

Get certified fast

Easy-to-access developer tools, guidelines, requirements and consultation resources, giving developers the information you need to expedite the integration process, support multiple projects simultaneously and help meet PCI compliance standards.

Drive commerce to any point of acceptance – globally.

Not only can developers set up and test their applications, but they can also ensure important compliance with multiple, global requirements. It’s a proven infrastructure that fluidly scales, rapidly evolves and integrates securely to create a predictable and personal purchase experience.