Security and Fraud solutions from First Data deliver the most up-to-date protection throughout the payment process to provide you with comprehensive data security and reduce your liability, every step of the way.

First Data Advantages

We take a holistic approach to security, compliance and risk management by offering integrated technologies that help effectively moderate security and risk. The new, expanded TransArmor® Solution is a multilayered security stack that helps defend your system against cyber attacks and protects the success of your business.

These comprehensive solutions let you easily meet compliance requirements, reduce risk for data security and privacy and securely process both in-store and online transactions, including those made using Apple Pay™.

  • Help manage vulnerabilities throughout the payment process with data security and fraud prevention solutions.
  • Experience significant risk reduction by safeguarding data privacy.
  • Secure multiple payment types – in-store, online or mobile – to allow customers to safely pay the way they want.