I am getting error 50045 and I am not sure what is happening?


An error 50045 means that you cannot send or receive requests because of an Internet access error. There are few things you should check when error 50045 occurs. On the POS system configuration screen: - Verify that your location's Internet connection is up and running using your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Going to a common website (eg. can test this. - Verify that the correct Merchant ID (MID) appears in the software setup screen. - Verify that the correct Merchant Terminal ID (TID) appears in software setup screen. - Verify that the correct URLs (all lower cases, no spaces) have been input. - Verify that the correct DID is being used. - Verify that there are no firewalls or routers blocking the connection. - Verify the Outbound Availability of Port 443. You can try 'Hello World' to ensure Port 443 is enabled. - If using a PC-based POS system, verify that the Internet Explorer version being used is greater then 5.01. - If you continue experiencing this problem, contact your Software Vendor.