Cheque Warranty Service

TeleCheck® Cheque Warranty Service

The TeleCheck® Cheque Warranty Service allows merchants to process cheques at the point-of-sale using TeleCheck's proprietary risk management tools to minimize returned cheques while offering consumers their payment method of choice.

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Benefits for Business

With the TeleCheck® Cheque Warranty Service, you have a high degree of confidence in knowing whether a cheque will be returned or not, making your decision to accept or deny a cheque much easier.

Offer payment choice.

Allow customers to pay as they please, while improving your cash flow.

Lower expenses.

Pay less than you would with cards, eliminate bank fees and create operational efficiencies.

Reduce risk.

Lessen chargebacks and significantly reduce fraud losses by shifting the responsibility of bad checks to TeleCheck.

Increase security.

Protect your customers’ personal information from identity theft every time they pay.


Key Components

Accept low-numbered, out-of-town, and even out-of-province paper cheques with more confidence

Approve cheques that were once considered to be too risky

Process cheques quickly and easily

Minimize collection costs


Purchase goods or services with the payment option that they prefer to use

Reduce the likelihood of identity theft

Manage record-keeping and easily balance their chequeing account