First Data Partnership with LocalVox Brings Power of Instant Feedback to Small and Medium-Sized Businesses

Investment Part of First Data Strategy to Partner and Collaborate With Innovators on
Behalf of Clients

ATLANTA - Aug. 11, 2014 – It can be one of the most troubling issues small business owners have to face: a drop-off in sales with no easy explanation as to why. Maybe it’s bad weather, or the arrival of new competition, or some unseen factor. But with a powerful new tool from First Data, those business owners now have the ability to access and use information that can not only help them anticipate those down cycles, but do something about it.

That’s the power a new partnership between First Data and LocalVox brings to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) – the ability to combine powerful analytics from First Data’s InsighticsSM solution with LocalVox’s multi-channel targeted marketing solution.

“This is another great example of First Data strengthening its solutions and leveraging its scale and distribution network to bring innovative solutions that help our clients grow their businesses in a rapidly changing competitive landscape,” said Guy Chiarello, president of First Data. 

LocalVox’s marketing automation platform operates across every channel SMBs use to touch their customers – email, social, search and mobile – to ensure a consistent and compelling overall customer experience that drives in-store behaviors. 

The LocalVox partnership is an investment made by First Data Ventures, which is investing in and partnering with innovators in a number of areas, such as payments, marketing, customer loyalty, security, mobile and solutions that support the next generation of commerce. First Data is making a significant investment in the New York-based company, which was named the third hottest startup in New York City by Business Insider in 2012.

“In the corporate venture world, you occasionally get a near perfect fit and this is one of those times,” said Peter Donat, senior vice president of First Data Ventures. “First Data’s Insightics analytics platform, plus LocalVox’s marketing automation expertise, means SMBs can see what’s happening and address it in near real time.”

Here’s how it works: For example, with the Insightics solution, a restaurant owner can see that sales have been dropping on Wednesdays, particularly from local customers. Using LocalVox, he or she can specifically market to those customers to drive business.

“Seeing First Data’s scale and reach really got us excited,” said David Pachter, CEO of LocalVox. “With integrations into both Clover™ Station and Insightics, LocalVox uniquely improves our clients’ ability to grow their businesses. We believe we have found the ideal partner to propel LocalVox above the noise of the marketing automation space and close the loop from online marketing to physical sales.”

The LocalVox solution will be available in the Clover™ App Market on the Clover Station, First Data’s powerful cloud-based business control and payment platform for small and mid-sized business, and will be a software-as-a-service offering, combined with Insightics.

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Mark Williams, First Data