Perspective: More Meaningful Check-ins with Card Linked Services

Card-linked offers have been around in some form for years, primarily as a merchant funded rewards network tied to a financial institution’s loyalty rewards program. These programs are great for financial institutions that want to drive usage of their payment cards. However, they limit the reach of the offers to consumers who are a part of the specific program and who use the designated card to make a purchase.

An open platform that works with any payment card can help merchants expand their reach and also helps consumers enjoy a more seamless redemption experience. To redeem specials enabled by the OfferWiseSM solution, shoppers simply connect their card of choice through the publisher, visit participating merchants, and pay for their purchase with their connected card. The money is automatically sent back to their credit card or bank account and they'll be notified by the publisher of the money they saved.

Foursquare is one example of a program that has implemented this technology by card linking offers from Burger King through a program that has been running since late February. The easy-to-follow process allows Foursquare users to sync their Visa® and MasterCard® credit or debit card to their Foursquare account and receive specials when they check into participating Burger King locations. Using Foursquare Specials, powered by First Data’s OfferWise technology, people no longer need to carry a coupon or access a redemption code – the offer is linked to their payment card.

Is it time to re-evaluate your offer redemption process?

George Zirkel is vice president of advanced solutions and innovation at First Data.

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