Perspective: Data-Driven Loyalty is More Within Reach Than Merchants Realize

Savvy businesses have long understood the importance of identifying and rewarding their best customers. But plastic loyalty cards and paper punch cards are a thing of the past; they slow down checkout and are often ineffective at tracking customer behavior or retaining the most valuable ones. Traditional rewards programs are cumbersome for consumers as well, forcing them to carry cards in their wallet that they may ultimately forget to use.

More sophisticated loyalty programs have generally been out of reach for most merchants because of complex POS integration and significant up-front costs. But Thanx, Inc is changing the game for merchants. Retailers can launch customized loyalty programs in as little as 24 hours – no cards to give out or integration required. Consumers simply shop as usual with any credit or debit card and automatically earn rewards at their favorite merchants, receiving real-time progress notifications on their mobile phones.

As simple as it is to implement, Thanx offers keen insights and sophisticated data-driven marketing tools for businesses of every size. The program even includes a “gold card” VIP offering for elite shoppers and a win-back tool that can be used to identify and lure back churned customers. Thanx is currently available in over 20 states and growing rapidly across the country.

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George Zirkel is vice president of advanced solutions and innovation at First Data.

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