Asia Pacific Needs Technologies for Faster Cyber Security Response

This is the third in a series of five brief summaries about cyber security strategy in the Asia Pacific region.

Cyber attacks today can penetrate their targets and take over in a few seconds, and the Asia Pacific region needs to adopt a security posture that gives time to respond rapidly, even in the face of lightning-fast attacks.

Recent research has shown typical enterprise response time to be more than 210 days from initial breach to detection, with the majority (64 percent) taking more than three months to detect system intrusions. Post detection, enterprises on average take a further three months to rectify the damage.

While it’s clear that this situation is profoundly inadequate, it can only be improved when organizations have better real-time insight into their world, and better access to faster, smarter, and safer response technologies. Otherwise, organizations will be too slow to notice, or unwilling to act quickly because they fear making things worse.

The necessary insight is the simpler issue, and is just a matter of better data collection and management. The ability to respond more quickly and intelligently is far more challenging, and will require fundamental architectural and systemic changes. One advantage the Asia Pacific has over some western countries is that without the curse of (legacy) infrastructure, it can more quickly and directly adopt these sorts of new networks.